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Treating chronic kidney disease – Visits and treatment in Mucaria Dialysis Centres

Both MUCARIA DIALYSIS CENTRES, located in Valderice and Alcamo respectively, have in-house medical laboratory for dialysis-related blood tests performed by specialized staff. The medical laboratories are equipped with next-generation ABG analyzer for monitoring patients' elecrolytes. The centres are equipped with next-generation Fresenius 5008 artificial kidneys, an operating theatre, an in-house medical laboratory, an electrocardiographer, an ABG analyzer, a gen-set and a reverse bi-osmosis plant.

As a method for treating chronic kidney disease, haemodialysis consists in circulating the patients' blood outside the body so to remove excess waste from the blood. Through an artificial kidney blood is cleaned and then returned to the patient's body, while excess wastes and extra fluids are removed.

Mucaria dialysis centres can supply different kinds of dialysis techniques to their patients depending on what is suitable for each specific kidney failure or disease. State-of-the-art equipment and competent, fully-trained staff ensure top-quality standards in all dialysis techniques. Below is a list of the dialysis techniques which we offer:

  • Online HDF
  • Bicarbonate Dialysis High Flux

In order to identify the most suitable treatment for all patients, Mucaria dialysis centres also offer day hospital services for:

  • Acute and chronic kidney disorders, supported by the preparation of customized low-protein diet schemes and prescription of adequate therapy.
  • Kidney and transplanted kidney Doppler ultrasonography to monitor kidney rejection. Doppler ultrasonography for all other vascular conditions
  • Biopsies for histological diagnosis on kidney diseases.
  • Vascular accesses for regular and emergency haemodialysis.
  • Evaluation of registration in kidney transplant waiting list with transplant from both living or dead donors and related instrumental and blood tests.
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