Holiday in Hemodialysis

Holidays for patients on haemodialysis

Our centres are the ideal place for a holiday for patients on dialysis.

Your unique holiday experience in Sicily now thanks to Mucaria centres: your perfect holiday dialysis with all specialist services and comforts is reality now. 

Are you on dialysis and would like to take a holiday free from worries? Taking a holiday can often be difficult for patients on dialysis. For this reason, Dr. Mucaria centres have sketched out a thorough, reliable project for people needing to receive dialysis when on holiday

Did you know that you can have dialysis when on holiday? Thanks to the long-standing experience of Mucaria centres, you can have your dialysis treatment while enjoying the pleasantness of a holiday in the splendid landscape of Trapani province in Sicily. Dr. Mucaria and his staff can provide patients a full package for their stay, treatment and relax. Choose Mucaria centres for your dialysis holiday experience and benefit from a whole holiday package. You do not need to arrange for your trip, book a hotel room or find an accredited dialysis facility: we've got you covered! 

Sicily has always been popular with tourists due to its crystal ocean, cultural entertainment opportunities and, last but not least, excellent food. 

Our haemodialysis centres are ideal for dialysis patients on holiday in Sicily because of their proximity to other favourite tourist destinations: Pantelleria and the Aegadian Islands with their natural grottos, Agrigento with the Valley of the Temples and Erice with its medieval town. 

These are just a few of the many, characteristic places you can visit during your holidays in Sicily:

  • ERICE: a medieval hillside town now hosting the Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture;
  • SEGESTA: the most important centre founded by the Elymians and one of the most interesting sites of indigenous civilizations in Sicily;
  • MOZIA: the town where the largest Phoenician-Punic settlement of the whole Mediterranean basin is preserved;
  • SCOPELLO: popular with its picturesque faraglioni (coastal rock formations) and crystal-clear waters;
  • ZINGARO: natural reserve: a paradise for tourists with a passion for Mediterranean plant life and wildlife;
  • AEGADIAN ISLANDS (Favignana, Marettimo, Levanzo) and PANTELLERIA: called the 'Four pearls in a crystal ocean' due to the spectacular ocean floors and marvellous natural grottos.
  • SELINUNTE and its ruins: the site where eight large temples, a sanctuary and many more buildings dating back to 600 BC were built.
  • The mythical Valley of the Temples of AGRIGENTO that can be reached in just two hours by motorway from Trapani.

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