Vacanțe Pentru Pacienții Hemodializați La Trapani: Două Săptămâni În Sicilia

2 săptămâni

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Vacanțe Pentru Pacienții Hemodializați La Trapani: Două Săptămâni În Sicilia


Vrei să faci dializă în vacanță? Cu ajutorul centrelor de dializă Mucaria este posibil și ușor de organizat. Alege o vacanță de două săptămâni la Trapani într-un hotel de 3 stele sau mai multe. În timpul șederii tale în Sicilia beneficiezi de asistență specializată din partea medicilor nefrologi și asistenților dar și din partea echipei noastre multilinve și ai transport gratuit la tratament. Dializa este gratuită și primești și o gustare cu specific local.

Oferta cuprinde

  • Tratamentul hemodialitic GRATIS pentru toți pacienții din Uniunea Europeană și Elveția, Liechtenstein, Norvegia și Islanda. Tratamentul se efectuează la unul dintre Centrele de Dializă Mucaria.

  • Cazare la San Vito Lo Capo într-un hotel de minimum 3 stele cu demipensiune. Cost pentru pacient: de la € 350,00. Cost pentru însoțitor: de la € 700,00

  • Sunt excluse eventualele servicii suplimentare care nu au fost declarate în mod expres în oferta de față

Durata și condiții

Oferta este valabilă de la 1/1/2019 la 30/6/2019 și de la 1/10/2019 al 31/12/2019

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Despre noi

Cateva impresii din partea pacientilor care au petrecut o vacanta de dializa in centrele noastre.

Michael NewtonLondra
My name I Michael Newton and although I have known for many years that ultimately I would need Dialysis, it came as a shock when I realised the implications of just how it would take over both myself and my families lives when I actually started Dialysis in May 2017. Apart from the Dialysis 3 times a week what really struck me was my apprehension to the thought of travelling abroad. I decided to learn as much as possible about just how I could maintain a good quality of life, not only for myself but also for my wife Moira who has supported me through thick and thin and decided to join the NKF. I have benefitted from the expert advice given by their Helpline and also some of the interesting articles in their newsletter, which showed me that it is possible to live well when on Dialysis. I noticed an advert in the NKF newsletter offering free holidays in Sicily with Dialysi Mucaria.           This seemed to be too good to be true, so I emailed them and asked for further information. Within a few hours I received a phone call from the lovely and helpful Rosaria who told me that: They provide Free Dialysis in their various units to those who have an EHIC Card. They would provide a Free Taxi service to take me and bring me home from my Dialysis sessions. They would contribute 100 Euros to the cost of my flight. They would provide free accommodation for me in one of their well appointed self-catering apartments. They would only charge 15 Euros a day for my wife’s accommodation with me. They would arrange a driver to collect from and return us to the airport. They would arrange for a Hire car to be delivered to me. They also arrange outings to places of interest and Pizza Evenings (Great fun) and will advise on local attractions and places of interest. I was still cynical so asked her to give me the contact details of others who had been to Sicily with them who I duly called. I received glowing reports so we decided to go to Sicily. We went for 2 weeks in October this year and I was astounded by the efficiency and care given at both the Dialysis Unit and the support, advice and assistance given to Moira and myself. Trapani and the area around has a rich and varied history, located in a beautiful seaside setting with a large choice of restaurants and shops. There are so many places of beauty and interest within a relatively short distance of Trapani and I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism, genuine care and service that we experienced. I would highly recommend this experience to others, and Moira and I look forward to returning next year.
Juhani Pulkkinen
A short story about our trip in Sicily the last two weeks in October 2017. It was started when I saw an advertisment from Mucaria dialysis clinic in Sicily, in the magazine Njurfunk. I get curious about what it was. So I took contact with Mucaria clinic, and they told me about how it works. Me and my wife decided that we want to go there, we booked flights with Norwegian Luleå-Palermo both ways. I got documents from Italy that my clinic at home filled out and send it back to Mucaria via fax. Mucaria clinic had arrange that a taxi meet us at Palermo airport, it was about one hour by car to the hotel in Trapani. The hotel was very nice, a little bit outside the historical part of Trapani. There was a small pentry at the room, so it was possible to cook in the room if we want. At Monday morning it was time for the first dialysis, they have told me that I will be picked up at ten minutes after seven in the morning, and exactly at that time i little bus come and picked me up. The dialysis clinic is in Valderice, a town about 20-25 minutes from Trapani. (very beautiful minutes) Wheń I arrive to the clinic I first got a bed, and then quickly connected to a Fresenius 5008. The people which work at the clinic were friendly and they know what they do. They were only speaking italian, but that was no problem, beacause there were 5-6 woman working there, and they were really good in english and many other languages. After the dialysis the car was driving me back to the hotel. I had 6 dialyses at the Mucaria clinic, each one 4 hours, that was lesser than home, where I have 5 hours. So I was a little bit worried about what the labtests would show when I come home, I was also eating things that my doctor told me not to eat. But the test was fine no problem at all. The Mucaria clinic also arrange diffrent activitetes, we where at a daytrip to Palermo, and one evening it was dinner together with the patients and the personal, there was also a day trip to Marsala which we don’t go. Trapani is a town at the west side of Sicily, like a hook in the medeterainan sea. The town is really old and in the center there are streets without cars, there are alleys and squares, many churches and a lot of restaurants and cafe’s. At The north side there are some smaller beaches, and in the outskirts there is some big ”playas” On the southside is the harbour, where there are a lot of sightseen boats, ferrys and big cruiser ships, also the fishing harbour with hundreds of fishing boats. Further south you can se the commersial harbour, with cargo ships coming and going. One reason that I wanted to go to Sicily was the food, I have heard and seen on TV that they have very good food. And that was true, there was so much food, and it was not so exspensive to eat at the restaurants, and at the shop we find that most things was much cheaper than home in Sweden. Both me and my wife think that this was one of the best holidays we ever had, and we really want to go back there as soon as possible. But this is not a group travel with ”all inclusive” You have to order the flights by yourself, and also the food, eat at restaurants or buy food at the store, that’s you have to take care of. About the dialysis, there is nothing to worry about that, you are in good hands, and the clinic arrange all around that.

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