Mucaria Dialysis Centres offer numerous services for holidaymakers on dialysis. Our purpose is to make your holiday the most comfortable ever as far as dialysis is concerned without giving up on the pleasantness and relaxation of a holiday in one of tourist hotspots in Sicily. 

With this in mind, you can find the following services for hemodialysis during the holidays, organized all-inclusive packs made to simplify the organizational activities for the travel and the vacation once arrived in Sicily.

Free transfer

Going for dialysis is no longer an issue: you will have free transportation both to and from the dialysis centre. Transfers to and from the haemodialysis centres are completely free of charge. 

Guided tours

Being on holiday means having a good time. Guided tours are arranged by Mucaria dialysis centres to the best sightseeing attractions of Sicily. Enjoy your holiday at the discovery of Sicily!

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